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AUTOSCAN Dyno power measurement

It is amazing how AUTOSCAN prooved another time its extreme versatility to pass all vehicles !

Take care because French police is also taking advantages of remaping 😉

We like to see this blue car on our dyno not on the road 😉

Classic, F1


Tesla, Hybrid vehicle


Motorbike, SSV, ATV


Supercars & even Le mans series nothing is impossible!


The long wheelbase of the X4+ is totally matching with the german cars range : 2,1m to 3,3m.

the Front brake option allows to increase the max power that the dyno can handle as well as passing the strong FWD car without traction issue :

With Our single roller technology as well as synchronized front & rear , Ford Focus & Megane RS is not a problem with the AUTOSCAN.

Do no hesitate to contact us for your chassis or engine dyno.

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