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Engine tuning on Vortex for 24h racing at Barcelona

We are closer than ever to 24h racing at Barcelona. After engine tuning on hubdyno Hubscan, less than a week before starting the race!

Vortex on hubdyno Hubscan

Vortex on hubdyno Hubscan

24h race wil take place this year on 8 and 9th of September.

What it will look like : qualification on friday, then start of the race on the 8th à 12:00 !


As a reminder, tuning of this nice engine has been realized on our hub dyno Hubscan ! Our Hubdyno was also used to run the brake-in process, thanks to high performance brakes and with an incomparable level of precision !

Vortex on hubdyno Hubscan Vortex on hubdyno Hubscan


Hubscan is the solution for racing customers who are not so keen on chassis dyno. Because we have two brakes on hub dyno instead of one on a usual chassis dyno, we have  a higher braking torque.

Furthermore, driven by high performance electronic cards, and with its concept of connexion directly to the Hub, it’s an incomparable accuracy and a versatility of vehicle tested !

Eddy current brakes, rather than hydraulic braking, enables the customer to have a higher accuracybecause better regulation of braking force!


Finally please find all the informations about Hubscan :


Also, for the race, everything is here :

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