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First Record for Hubscan : power measurement directly connected to the hub

First record for the Hubscan of Rotronics !

With a Nissan Silvia, congratulations to Digital Prog, french customer, for the best curve on this new generation of dyno.

540 Hp and a torque of 640 Nm measured on our dyno.


Nowadays, Hubscan is the new solution to measure torque and power for any vehicle : no more pit to realize, no more slipping on the chassis dyno and mobile.


Hubscan : a dyno, directly connected to the hub.


Use of the hubscan is very simple : you have to lift the vehicle up, remove the wheel, connect our dyno through the adaptative connector and lift the vehicle down.


The vehicle stays still on the pods, whatever is the speed or the acceleration. The bench is capable to support the weight of the vehicle. As a consequence, no more strapping. You earn time to realize the tune of your engine!


Once the vehicle installed, you can use the dyno in the same way you use a chassis dyno.


In fact, benefits are the same : we can measure torque, power as well as other parameters like voltage on a vehicle or a temperature. As a manufacturer of the dyno, we can adapt the test bench to your need.


Finally, we have the same kind of working as the chassis dyno : we have road load simulation and power loss acquisition (for vehicles capable to) : we can, from a wheel force measurement, calculate the power of the engine.


Because the dyno is versatile, it’s suitable for mass produced vehicles, as well as exceptionnal motor cars like dragster or other.




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