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The automotive rolling road chassis dyno for two wheel drive vehicles

Easyscan : the fast and easy power measurement

The Easyscan X2 automotive rolling road chassis dyno was designed for road vehicle optimization professionals. It offers the best Rotronics control and measurement technology at an affordable price. Its dual 450 mm rollers coupled to a powerful electric brake are a proven, reliable and economical solution. The Rotronics control system uses an adaptive look-up table borrowed from its bigger brother, the Autoscan Fi, which guarantees accurate and repeatable measurements. Easyscan is supplied with its operating software which simple and full-featured, yet usable by anyone without previous experience.



Easyscan available in two basic versions: with and without the Multi Peripheral Interface (IMP). Without, its operational use focuses on power measurement, while with the interface, more advanced engine tuning research and development tasks can be performed. The IMP incorporates a wideband Lambda air/fuel ratio measurement probe.






Several engine cooling fans, of different capacities, and a gas extraction system are available as options to meet the needs of each project.






Easyscan can be installed embedded in the ground for a perfect integration in the workshop (masonry pit required) or above ground using ramps supplied as an option.

The installation of the vehicle to be tested is very simple and the test procedure takes only a few minutes. This allows the users to concentrate on their core activities while ensuring a quality service.


Easyscan Brochure