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Second Hand

Rotronics Regularly sales second hand products from his customers.

Available second-hand products :



******  CHASSIS DYNO *****


We regularly have second-hand chassis dyno. Don’t hesitate to contact us to have some informations.


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*****  ENGINE TEST BED  *****


Eddy Current brake 

We regularly have second hand brakes.

We are able to make mechanichal modification and to add electronical driving unit as DCP for example :


Price on request

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Hydraulic brake Heavy Duty 1900kW – 15000N.m

Ideal to applications such as trucks, civil engineerings, farming,…


Ready to go setup with new electronics control rack. Acquisition software as an option.

Price on request

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Hydraulique Dyno High speed – High Power

Rotronics FH 600 1000New ex-stock FH1000 hydraulic brake (750 kW, 1000Nm, 10000tr/min), sold with full control and adjustment system and management software. Price: please contact us.

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Electronic Rack 



Rack Borghi & Saveri MP 620 V – Price : 1000€ :


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