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ROTRONICS Team will be pleased to meet you on our booth #1935

  Transient AC DYNO 


208 RALLYCROSS 580CH engine on our booth ! 

  4WD HUB dyno


4 AC DYNO controlled by ROTRONICS hardware

Also available in 2WD & EC DYNO versions.

  Valve Train test bed with fast angle based acquisition   

Based on our REVOLUTION software

AC dyno motoring , automatic test procedure & reports

Synchronized fast acquisition of speed,acceleration, torque and valve lifting……

accurate & fast interface with HBM torquemeter T40, T12.

  KRONOS REVOLUTION combustion tool  

Stand alone system or included in our automation software KRONOS

Fast (1.25Msamples/s) and slow measurement (<100Hz)

(time or angle based).

MCD3 or can available

Automated tasks

Post processing report.

  Extensive range of EC & AC dyno – Special design   

  Full digital Control Rack

EC DYNO package from few kw to 3200kW
 AC DYNO from 1kW to 1000kW

High torque – high speed – low inertia 

PM dyno

Hydraulic Dyno

Special Design (exhaust , aeronautics) multidrive solution regenerative or dissipative solution


  Chassis Dyno   

Our best seller AUTOSCAN

Industrial chassis dyno – road load simulation – emissions 

Still our full range of standard products from industrial to educational applications 

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