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Who are we

Rotronics spécialiste dans l’étude et la fabrication de bancs d’essai moteur et véhicule.



Based in France, Dynosens specialises in the design and manufacture of engine test benches and vehicle test benches. Since 1990, it has specialised in the design and manufacture of engine and vehicle test benches. In this capacity, it designs, manufactures and sells a range of electronic and mechanical equipment as well as software.




The company has a wide range of activities: complete engine test cells, updating or modificating of existing test cells, inertial or brake load chassis and engine dynamometers, teaching test benches and special internal combustion engine data acquisition projects.

ROTRONICS operates in the following areas: auto and motorcycle racing, two-wheeled professionals, industry, industry, teaching and professional training establishments.
Thanks to its extensive experience, ROTRONICS can now provide a range of standard high technology products with excellent value for money, as well as specific engine test benches that precisely meet our customers’ specifications.


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110 rue des Vergers – ZI des Dragiez

74800 La Roche sur Foron – France

Phone : +33(0)4 50 03 08 59

Fax : +33 (0)4 50 03 05 97

Email : contact [ @ ] rotronics. com



Rotronics is represented abroad by distributors: in Germany, CHina, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Reunion Island, Malaysia and Taiwan. Click below for more information :

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