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Activity is full swing at Rotronics !

First, we sincerely hope that you and your relatives are not directly affected by coronavirus.

Following this particular period, activity of Rotronics is back as usual, with many dynos manufacturing!

Pictures today of the workshop are obvious : activity is full swing !

So, at the moment, our technicians are producing : 4 chassis dynos Autoscan and Easyscan, 2 hub dynos Hubscan, 2 tractors dyno Agriscan and 2 industrial dynos !

As a reminder, everything is made in house at Rotronics, on all of our dynos !

We take a special care to the calibration of our test benches. In this way, we improve the precision and the repeatibility, especially for the end customer !

For instance, once the manufacturing is over, we make a first measurement dedicated to the loss of the dyno itself. For any bench produced, this is the first step realized before anything else. We use at this step the smallest wheel as possible to have as low inertia as possible and to measure the loss of the dyno alone and not the loss of the dyno and a vehicle.

Once this step realized, of course, we test dyno with one or several vehicles. It enables us to check the good behaviour of the bench.

As a reminder, we are located in France, close to Geneva airport in Switzerland. So, Feel free to come and visit the workshop !

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