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First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your relatives are not directly affected by coronavirus and that the actual situation will be behind us as soon as possible.

For your information, even if a big part of the economical activity is shut down in France, Rotronics continues to operate and workshop is still crowded as usual !

At the moment, 3 chassis dyno manufacturing : 1 Autoscan, 1 Hubscan and 1 Easyscan. We are also manufacturing 4WD AC hubdynos for overseas projects !

Here for example, one of our technicians is building a chassis dyno Autoscan

We are also ending the calibration of test benches we have already mouted, here on 4WD dyno Easyscan.

As a reminder, as dyno manufacturer, all of our products are calibrated and tested in house, directly at our workshop.

For example, power loss measurement is based on the dyno figures itself and are not standard. For each dyno, these figures are measured during the factory acceptance to offer the customer a high level of precision and repeatability !

Of course, all the other services of Rotronics (customer support, R&D, accountancy, sales) are tele-working.

Dyno projects are waiting for you !

We are full of rollers, sheet metals : we have fill workshop in to be ready !

Feel free to ask if you have any questions related to test benches.

Of course, we accompany you for any subject related to test benches. Because the workshop is operating at the moment, you are not impacted by the delivery time as usual for an order of a dyno.

Our team are reachable as usual :

  • or 0033 4 50 0 04 80 for customer support
  • or 0033 4 50 03 10 61 for sales
  • For any other subject, or 00 33 4 50 03 08 59

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