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Feedback on chassis dyno AUTOSCAN

We are very proud to work since more than 2 years now with Marchetto Motorsport (40km from Venise, province of Padova in Italy). Please find his feedback on chassis dyno AUTOSCAN !

Our customer is the owner of a chassis dyno from Rotronics : Autoscan, the state of the art roller test bench ! The dyno is a 2 brakes version, with motorbike compatibility but also extended Multi Peripherical Interface !

salle de banc AUTOSCAN Rotronics

Synchronized with a toothed belt, you are able to make your own mapping and power measurement for very powerful cars but also cars with a very sensible electronic system !

For sure, it is possible to have a 2nd brake at the front of the dyno to have a strong system that can test cars more than 1200 HP, up to 300 km/h

As a reminder, ExtendedMulti Peripherical Interface is the possibility to have lambda measurement (lambda probe are supplied with the dyno). It is also possible to measure 6 analog signals and 8 thermocouples.

Of course, as a dynamometer designer and manufacturer, we have the capacity to adapt our product to your specific need and to developp a tailor made solution.



Autoscan X4+ 2F

Feedback on chassis dyno AUTOSCAN of our customer Marchetti Motorsport is very clear :




« As you can see we have believed a lot in this test bench

And we were right !!

Continuing to use this bench can be understood according to its continuous repetition  and precision ..

the installation of the car in the test bench is facilitated thanks to the front rollers

No spy on … no traction problem

Even using very powerful cars you feel very safe and stable

The noise of the tires on the rollers and very small compared to other test benches

very good!! »



For sure : we wish them the best in their activities !

Please find the link to the company :

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