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GUMBALL 3000 & POG meet AUTOSCAN at 374kph


You should know POG , promoting GUMBALL and supercars on social Network.

Recently, he dynoed one of his supercar on our Premium dyno AUTOSCAN in Belgium.
Thanks to ULTIMATE ENGINEERING for this wild video !

Clic pour vidéo

GUMBALL spirit was there to say the least !

Ferrari 812 superfast of POG reached 374kph on our AUTOSCAN.


Our state of the art dyno show another time its PREMIUM features on the market. large diameter single roller is making a huge difference at this level of power & speed (compare to 450 or 300mm competitors).

Of course the dyno is still taking car of synchronisation at this high speed ! (ask MAHA or others brands their max limit ….)

Its biggers brakes and an available 3 brakes setup allow to pass power up to 2000HP. You can also notice the unique ultra low ground clearance concept  (<2cm !) to pass all supercars or track cars without removing front wings or rear extractor.

The secret is that the tyre is operating under same conditions than the road (reasonable temperature)) ce decreasing drastically the risk to damage or blow a tyre during repetitive or high power runs.

Be aware that the standards dyno are sold up to 300kph. An option allow to push this limit to 400kph.


Of course, this kind of run requires a very strict fixture system of the cars.
For information, we’ll sell end of 2019 a new & innovative fixture sytems named FASTEN.

  • Quick & Safe > impossible to loose the car.
  • No need to go below the cars
  • Stop burning belt with the PORSCHE
  • No risk to damage wheel sensors as ABS.
  • Hybrid fixture possible (in case car is not featuring towing hook)
  • possible for sure AFTER the dyno installation.


A car is helping us to imagine the future ….. 500km/h

We greet the fair play of the american Hennessey Performance that not only congrats BUGATTI for the new record but also accept the 500kph challenge… No Doubt that the swedish KOENIGSEGG will react also quickly !

We stay at your disposal for all your requests at 400kph as well as 50000N.m !!

Talk to you soon on the phone or by email.

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