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An exceptional vehicle (less than 10 in the world),  the Lazareth LM847 runs on a Rotronics Chassis Dyno !!!

A motorbike of 470 horse power and 490 Nm of torque powered by a v8 Maserati on AutoScan!


lm847 lazareth

Imagine a motorbike with a V8 ! The Lazareth LM847 is a motorbike pendulum with 4 wheels.

This bike is capable to tilt with its specific kinematic including independent swinging arms.

The Dyno is located in Haute Savoie at Digital Prog in Rumilly.


It is an Autoscan X4+ 2 breaks compatible with motorbikes (even the most craziest one!)






Braking is provided by two 8 piston calipers, on 420mm diameter perimeter discs.

One detail, the brake levers are reversed to improve ergonomy and feeling while braking. The mechanism is inside the handlebar itself.



lazareth lm847

Due to the fact that this bike is having a unique gear, the power is transmitted via a torque converter. acceleration are stratospheric with an incredible 0 to 100mph . The two rear oscillating arms are articulated around the primary transmission axles to allow both chains to transmit the power under a constant stress.

LM847 on Rotronics chassis dyno


LM847 on Autoscan


the bike features 1850 mm wheelbase and four 17 inches wheels. As a result, it is giving a good stability feeling from the first kilometer. Thus, this is mandatory to use the amazing 490 Nm engine torque. To dyno it , we used an Auto Scan with motorcycle option: the two rear wheels run on a single roller.



Using the motorcycle option makes it possible to disengage 3 rollers. Consequently the remaining 200kg inertia is consistent with the vehicle behavior.

Thanks to the road load simulation, driving the vehicle on the dyno is fully relevant for the ECU tuning.

LM847 lazareth and Rotronics LM847 lazareth and Rotronics    Autoscan and lazarethChassis dyno chassis dyno Rotronics

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