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Technical Education

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Rotronics offers a wide range of test benches for technical education, starting with the BEMP, a true small factor engine test bench designed specifically for educational use.

Also available:

  • Autoscan Fi, rolling test bench for cars
  • Multiscan, rolling test bench for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds
  • Dynascan , a management system for existing benches and in particular for wheel test benches in order to convert them into rolling benches.
  • Flowscan, bench for measuring air flow
  • Dynakart: test bench for small engines
  • Agriscan: agricultural power take-off test bench

BEMP301 Motoscan 2Autoscan


The Rotronics range of benches addresses lessons on physical, thermal & energy measurements in vehicles and engines, and other mechanical applications – from high school to engineering degree levels.

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Standard Rotronics benches can be developed to match specific needs. Rotronics is also able to provide precise solutions designed according to specifications. Both these solutions can be a proactive incentive for educational institutions and research laboratories.





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