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Rotronics involved in the very tough world of karting

About Karting

Karting is the starting point for motorsport and is the first formula to encourage many young drivers. It is also an incredibly competitive and technically advanced sport. The technical regulations for engines have become very strict and performance gains are very difficult to obtain. Often, a power increase of less than 1% can make a difference. It is widely acknowledged that track testing, as well as being resource-intensive, does not allow performance gains or losses to be visualised because they are often blurred by irregular and independent external parameters not associated with the engine.

Cellule d'essai moteur kart

A test bench allows kart engines to run regularly and repeatedly in a controlled environment and ensures that accurate readings can be taken and compared.

Rotronics’ customer base included engine tuning specialists, maintenance workshops and manufacturers.

We offer Dynakart, a standard engine test bench with a load brake, compatible with all engines on the market.

This bench can also serve as a basis for more specific applications. Any changes are decided by considering the technical characteristics of the customer’s project.

Rotronics also advises clients on the configuration of the test area and supplies equipment for such facilities (exhaust gas evacuation, ventilation …).

Dynascan, management system for existing test benches, allows an old bench to be modernised (Rotronics and other makes) or the customer can build and customise their own bench.


The Kronos range of products  (industrial load brakes, open monitoring software, data acquisition, control, fluid management, throttle control …) allows an engine bench to be designed entirely according to specifications with the possibility of multiple of customised rolling tests and simulations or the reproduction of track testing with the transfer of data collected on board the kart.

Banc moteur kart avec frein industriel

 Dynakart details

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