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Chip tuning

Autoscan Chassis Dyno

Autoscan,Easyscan,Hubscan, Dyno for Chiptuning & industry

About chip tuning

Rotronics works with vehicle tuning specialists for more than 25 years to offer reliable and accurate  measuring tools: AutoscanEasyscan & Hubscan.

With its rugged design,  Autoscan accepts a wide range of vehicles. It is including utility vehicles and motor-homes but also motorcycles and quads. In addition, Its high-performance electronics reproduce driving conditions, particularly at the dynamic stage. Moreover, its speed synchronization system (pioneered by Rotronics) ensures the trouble-free operation of driving aids, regardless of the vehicle technology.

Easyscan is a chassis dyno which was designed to be simple, affordable and easygoing. As a result , it is a perfect product for a first investment.

Hubscan, state of the art HUBDYNO is dedicated to special applications. it can cover ultra low  gear ratio application, off road or only customer requiring mobile test device.

Choosing Rotronics rolling road chassis dyno, ensures credibility with your customers. it is offering an operational tool adapted to any vehicle and promoting an image of professionalism and quality of service. Autoscan Fi and Easyscan add value to your business !

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