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The software and electronic solution by Rotronics for braked and inertial test benches

The software and electronic solution by Rotronics for braked and inertial test benches

Key features

  • Systems for chassis dynamometers and engine bench
  • Solution for braked and inertial test benches
  • Compatible with all automotive, motorcycle and karting technologies etc…
  • Multi-track technology compatible with mono or multi-rollers
  • Economical solution for renewing test benches

15 years of test bench experience

Rotronics has been designing, developing and manufacturing test benches for more than fifteen years. This experience, including the associated measurement techniques, has enabled Rotronics to develop a data acquisition and operating system compatible with all types of inertial or braked test benches: the DYNASCAN solution.

A single concept, with multiple application

Dynascan is a universal inertial test bench management system comprised of operating software and a high performance digital acquisition system. This device is compatible with any existing mechanical test bench and is aimed at users of earlier generation equipment or those who wish to build their own test bench mechanics. Available in engine or chassis dynamometer versions with inertial or braked systems, Dynascan is a modern and economical solution that meets the needs of the most demanding engine specialist. Fully customisable according to the characteristics of the test bench, Dynascan is suitable for many applications: automobile, motorcycle, kart, Shell marathon, modelling ….

Fast and easy installation .

Inertial test benches

For inertial test benches the only mechanical intervention consists in attaching the speed sensor on the rotating shaft of the flywheel or inertial roller(s). Once installed, the data acquisition card is capable of determining the speed and acceleration of the rotating parts and transmits this information to the software.

Braked test benches

For braked test benches, it is also necessary to install and connect the load sensor on the brake and the power supply of the eddy current brake. During the initial operation, a specific procedure prompts the user to provide the software with all the mechanical characteristics of the test bench (inertia, diameters and number of rotating parts) in order to calibrate the brake torque measurement. This process takes only a few minutes and the data entered will then be loaded automatically at each start-up