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Easyscan : give yourself a Rotronics dyno for a lower price


Easyscan : affordable chassis dyno


Easyscan : the solution for an accurate and easy power measurement


Chassis dyno in the past was limited to master tuners. It is now becoming mandatory for each activity related to engine mapping. Above all, with nearly 30 years of experience on this fields, we have designed Easyscan : affordable and efficient tool.

Easyscan : affordable chassis dyno

Easy to use, Ready to go

  • Pit mounted as well as ground mounted : to have a flat installation or something easy to install, whatever the workshop is and moveable.
  • Installation of the dyno by the customer himself : to save money and time !
  • User friendly interface .

easyscan software

Avanced product :

  • 2 and 4WD : 2WD for a lower price, 4WD for a complete setup. It is of course possible to upgrade from a 2WD to a 4WD chassis dyno later.
  • Single roller : a better traction, consequently better accuracy and repetitiveness
  • Synchronized : a mechanical linking system to connect the roller together to prevent driving aids activation.
  • Braked dyno : driven by high performance electronic controller, we set the load applied to the vehicle.
  • Loss acquisition : when the vehicle allows it, we can determiner power and torque of the engine from a wheel force.
  • Motorbike compatibility : hence for more versatility and more business.


Singler roller Easyscan



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