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Flowscan, The Flowbench

Flowscan : cylinder head flow bench

Flowscan : cylinder head flow bench

FLOWSCAN is a cylinder head flow bench designed for the development and optimisation of internal combustion engines.

Aimed at engine preparers and technical teaching, Flowscan is highly capable, modern and accurate tool; making it possible for users to characterise pressure losses in the admission and exhaust cycles according to the valve positions.

Flowscan thus makes it possible to validate technical choices in the development phase or to pedagogically demonstrate physical principles in the automatism/regulation, physics or fluid mechanics fields.



The software manages the test pressure regulation and also measures the mass flow rate of the air flow to a highly precise level. The procedure of memorizing the load curve for a given test prest pressure is automated. The user just has to position the valve at the required value then the software automatically records the measurement as soon as the test pressure is stabilised. Subsequently, various comparative measurements can be superimposed on the screen.



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