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You plan to order dynos in the next weeks : we are ready!

You plan to order a Rotronics dyno in the next weeks? We are ready !


Still targetting growth in the future, as in the same 5 last years, our stock of rollers and cabinets is nowadays full for all your orders!

Rotronics roller Rotronics cabinet

48 rollers and 16 cabinets are available and ready to be used!


Our chassis dyno have been designed by professionnal people, to be used by professionnal people!

For example, absolutely all of them are made, tested and calibrated on ourselves, in house, directly at the workshop.


Easyscan above the ground Rotronics

Beginning of this year, we had a lot of work to do ! We made vehicle dynos for France, Finland, but also China! We have also manufactured agricultural test benches and karting engine dynos !


Rotronics, it’s a large range of products designed for racing, ECU mapping, teaching schools but also industrial world !

Each customer has its own requests ! Feel free to tell us what you have in mind and let’s discuss about that !


Feel free to contact us by email : or phone : +33 4 50 03 08 59.

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