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Rotronics renovates an engine test bench Superflow at Alvis!

Today, we are on the way to Great Britain to upgrade Superflow dynos !

It’s at Conventry in England that Alvis Car and engineering have made(and still produce) some vehicules from 1919.  Its a Luxury brand, dedicated to classic vehicules and always with the same level of quality.

When we say that they do everything from A to Z,  it’s a euphemism!

It smells the passion and they need a lof of skills to manage to make the frame,tolerie, saddlery, mechanic…an old car but that we can use everyday!






Faithful to their original design with as much character as the former ones, new vehicles fit with the new pollution standard.

It is in that environment that we renovate their Superflow engine test bench.




Alvis produces his vehicle the same way as in the beginning : a 4.3L 6 cylinders with 6 speeds gearbox.

We are going to realize a renovation SUPERFLOW it means:

  • New electronic, new hydraulic valve and new software on a engine test bench Superflow
  • We will also renovate their SUNRAM roller test bench.

As a reminder  Rotronics is a engine bench and roller test bench manufacturer since 1991.

Coming from the competition, the company designs, manufactures and calibrates every single bench.


As well as new products, we can work on chassis dyno coming from our competitors: Soft Engine, Superflow, Maha, MI-System, Dimsport, usw…

So we can manage obsolescence of your benches or repair it in case of failure (to prevent a new investment)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions :+33 4 50 03 08 59/




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