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Compagny History

More than  20 years of history


Rotronics, based in La Roche sur Foron in France was founded in 1990 by Yves & Christian Rosnoblet in order to meet the needs of their first customers who shared their passion: high level motorcycle racing. In this way, Rotronics developed and delivered its first management systems for engine test benches and soon became a benchmark.

From 1993 onwards Rotronics developed several standard products such as Motoscan, BEMP, Dynakart  followed by  Autoscan (the X4 version of which will be the first synchronised bench on the market), Agriscan and  Flowscan  all designed for specific uses. These benches allowed Rotronics to grow in several markets such as competition, karting, technical education, agricultural machinery or automotive tuning and become a major player in its sector. During this period, Rotronics continued to innovate and move forward with the implementation of many projects designed to specifications; gaining a reputation for credibility in the R&D industry.


In February 2012, new stakeholders joined to give the company the means to grow. The company is now called Dynosens but the Rotronics name, the firm’s heritage, remains. Yves & Christian Rosnoblet maintain their involvement and ensure the company’s management.


Thanks to more than two decades of experience, Rotronics has gained unparalleled expertise in the design, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of its products..