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Tired to ramp below the car try to find a good spot for the straps ?
Afraid to damage expensive sensors ?
Impossible to use the straps without removing lot of vehicle parts ?

Discover FASTEN !

To save time on vehicle installation & improve the safety Rotronics is launching & new rigid fixation system for chassis dyno.

This system is made of telescopic rods to fix safely the car using the front & rear towing hook spot.

the main interest is a shorter time to install the vehicle.

Compare to the standard straps, the system is installed in less than 2 minutes without having a headache to find the right fixing spots.
You can even save more time by anticipating out of the dyno room the installation of the special hooks that are delivered with the system while a test is running with the previous vehicle.
Once the vehicle is entering the room, you just need to finalize the settings and lock the system.

You should then lock the system before starting your job.

This system is designed to accomodate more than 95% of the vehicles. For the remaining 5% , a classic fixation by straps could still be used. Eventually an hybrid FASTEN + Strapas is also possible if a car is coming only with a front hook location.

The system is delivered with 2 Pro sets (FRONT/REAR) of the most common towing hook.

Top Versatility !

As a lauching offer a special discount will be available for the first 10 sets.

Contact us asap by email or phone to get informations !

This system can also be installed into a competitor brand dyno !

Possible DEMO in our SHOWROOM in france or in Paris area.