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HUB DYNO dedicated to R&D

Specifically designed for industry, our hub dynos have already shown their high level of performance to a large range of customers !

Come and discover this product !

Proposed in 2WD (upgradable) and 4WD, utilizing 4Q AC motors with direct coupling, the test bench proposes road load simulation and a wide range of testing facilities. The system does not require any civil work : connect the power and start your test !


Screwed directly onto the hub : to use the dyno, you just have to lift the vehicle, remove the wheels and connect the pods to the hub.

Rotronics use mechanical adaptators to mount vehicle on the dyno : available with 3,4,5 or 6 holes with different patterns, it enables the customer to be fully compatible with any kind of vehicle coming from foreign markets.

Compare to chassis dynamometer, a full battery of tests can be realized without a very big impact on your test facilities : no pit digging in your workshop.

Such solution offers an excellent repeatability of the measurement : no tyre deformation, no measurement disturbance related to the heat of the tyre or any not controlable phenomena.

Motorization and vehicle versatility

Dedicated to electric vehicles, as well as thermal or hybrid solution, the test bench is of course fully independant of the propulsion.

Of course, there is also much less limitations with wheelbase or track width.

Utilizing wheels or air cushions solution, system can be moved around the vehicle.

Rotronics can also offer a hub solutions using main test bed plate.


By using asynchronous machines, dyno offers the capabiilty to drive on the test bench as well as on the road.

Integrating AC motors, vehicle can be braked but also motored

As a consequence, we can offer full road simulation or any kind of regulation. By using state of the art electronic regulation, the vehicle’s inertia can be simulated to replicate real road conditions.

Of course, the following regulations are also offered :

  1. Constant torque or speed
  2. Sweep mode
  3. Individual machine regulation
  4. Torque vectoring
  5. Coast down

Each wheel can also be controlled separately : so you can test your differential and to simulate real

Steering simulation

With a patented Rotronics solution, you can simulate complete road load simulation including steering simulation : while turning the steering wheel, hub dyno can integrate this data throughout the driving simulation and make the dedicated simulation !

Software solution

Offered with ITest Solution, our dyno offers a full range of automation possibilities : fully customizable from GUI to hardware solutions, solution can be as well designed for your need as well as fully open.It offers an exhaustive and full range of communication devices such as Ethercat, Can Bus or MCD3 communication.



Evaluating a vehicle’s behaviour in cold or hot region, including steering operation is nowadays possible.

Hub dyno offers built-in climate protection, which is compatible with all the options.


Compared to chassis dyno where the contact between tyre and roller creates some sound, our solution can be used for Noise, Vibration and Harshness applications !

Inserted in a noiseproof architecture, dyno is noise isolated that enables the customer to use it in anechoic testing rooms !

Autonomous driving

Our dyno is autonomous driving ready !

With ScanER developped by AV Simulation, the fully test bench solution is capable to simulate to driving conditions for the wheels, as wheel as all the ADAS. As a consequence, after each modification of your autonomous driving algorithm, you have the capability to check the vehicle behaviour !

HUBSCAN AC testing autonomous vehicle


Rotronics offers different levels of performance dedicated to our different customers :

Product Application Nominal power Nominal torque Power S6-20% Torque S6-20%
Hubscan 120 48V / EV 60 1020 120 2100
Hubscan 280 Car 180 1300 280 2700
Hubscan 400 Car+ 275 2200 500 4600
Hubscan 600 Light duty 600 450 600 6500

From small EV vehicle to heavy duty application : choose the most dedicated solution.

HUBDYNO for EV vehicle

Of course, we can also modify our range of products for a dedicated application !

You can find as such all a range of solutions related to your application : DC/DC drive for battery simulation, specific data acquisition, specific torque measurement, powermeter integration, autonomous driving solution, regeneration or dissipative drive, etc. Feel free to contact us to share your need !