ADAS: Advanced driver-assistance systems

Dedicated testing resources:

Automated driver assistance devices greatly improve safety and the driving experience.

Dedicated testing resources will make possible to be in conditions that are both repeatable and controllable

allowing to adjust and validate the proper functioning of these ADAS.

Hubscan VIL

Hub dynamometer, high frequency controlled capable of high torque and transient power.

Acceleration and braking are possible.

Coupled with the steering module, we can then actually drive the vehicle on the dyno.

APS – Automatic Parking System , LKA – Lane Keeping Assist , ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control there are a lot of systems to fine tune !

a very versatile tool

Simulation software

The dyno interfaces with ScanEr from AV Simulation or CarMaker Simulation solutions from IPG Automotive for the creation of an environment outside the vehicle and the realization of road cycles on the dyno.

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