E-Axle Dyno

E-AXLE dyno

The electrical revolution is underway and Rotronics supports you on the new testing challenges.

Thanks to our experience on hub dyno, we are able to offer you turnkey solutions for your E-AXLE tests.

Our THOR range of products makes it possible to meet high demands for torque at the wheel while ensuring rapid and reliable measurements of the various variables.

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Rotronics offers various technical solutions to meet your torque and power expectations.

We design and manufacture special winding motors and multidrive cabinet.

Asynchronous or Permanent Magnets according to your test specifications.

up to 4000N.m per wheel – total capacity 1000kW

Product Application Rated power (kW)

Per axle

Nominal torque (Nm)

per Axle

Power S6-20%

per Axle

Torque S6-20%

per Axle

EAXLE120 48V / EV 60 1020 120 2100
EAXLE280 Car 180 1300 280 2700
EAXLE400 Car+ 275 2200 500 4500
EAXLE600 Light duty 450 3200 600 6800-8000


Complete system with automation tool, multidrive power cabinet + peripherals


ITEST 1 kHz real time software.

The software is configured according to the customer’s specifications

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