Chassis dynamometer rental

Rental of chassis dynamometer
2WD & 4WD climatic & altimetric

Rotronics offers chassis dynamometer rental. It is a mobile laboratory allowing the simulation and reproduction of the vehicle environment. Flexible and reliable solution, V-ROAD is present at the heart of your powertrain test campaigns. A real technological revolution, it can be moved anywhere and at any time to carry out development work and tests by reproducing all conditions:

Climatic (-30°C / +60°C)
Altimetry (actual atmospheric pressure conditions) 700-1500-2000+.
Up to 200 km/h during all types of cycles

optional emission measurements (gas and particles) (PEMS, PN)

A versatile test bench

This unique and powerful climatic and altimetric chassis dynamometer allows the development and testing of two- or four-wheel drive vehicles while allowing extreme flexibility: the dynamometer is mobile!

Rotronics offers the rental and operation of V-ROAD : an altimetric and climatic chassis dynamometer, directly at the customer’s site or on a specific site, particularly at altitude, for tests in real atmospheric conditions.

A solution offering performance and flexibility

This customizable laboratory is the optimal solution to carry out your performance, stabilized or transient tuning and rolling validation tests, under conditions adapted to your requirements.
Combined with exhaust emission measurement tools, V-ROAD is a major asset for all vehicle and GMP tuning professions.

Rotronics offers also a racing version of its test equipment, intended for both internal combustion and electric racing vehicles.

A high-performance version: VRacing!

First and foremost, the dyno offers high braking capacity via eddy-current brakes, so that it can withstand heavy loads on the vehicle!

The bench also features a Rotronics-patented, disengageable high-torque transmission. This makes it possible to turn all 4 wheels synchronously, while offering differentiated front/rear torque measurement.

Here are some figures:

  • Vmax: 300 km/h
  • Up to 1,000 kW braking force
  • 850 kg inertia

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