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Rotronics continues to operate during Coronavirus crisis.

First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your erlatives are not directly affected by coronavirus and that the actual situation will be behind us as soon as possible. For your information, even if a big part of the economical activity is shut down in France, Rotronics continues to operate and workshop is still crowded as usual ! At the moment, 3 chassis dyno manufacturing : 2 Autoscan and 1 Easyscan. We are also manufacturing industrial dynos at the moment ! Here for example, one of our technicians is building a chassis dyno Autoscan We are also ending the calibration of test benches we have already mouted, here on 4WD dyno Easyscan. As a reminder, as dyno manufacturer, all of our products are calibrated and tested in house, directly at our workshop. For example, power loss measurement is based on the dyno figures itself and are not standard. For each dyno, these figures are measured during the factory acceptance to offer the customer a high level of precision and repeatability ! Of course, all the other services of Rotronics (customer support, R&D, accountancy, sales) are tele-working. Dyno projects are waiting for you ! We are full of rollers, sheet metals : we have fill workshop in to be ready !


You plan to order dynos in the next weeks : we are ready!

You plan to order a Rotronics dyno in the next weeks? We are ready !   Still targetting growth in the future, as in the same 5 last years, our stock of rollers and cabinets is nowadays full for all your orders! 48 rollers and 16 cabinets are available and ready to be used!   Our chassis dyno have been designed by professionnal people, to be used by professionnal people! For example, absolutely all of them are made, tested and calibrated on ourselves, in house, directly at the workshop.   Beginning of this year, we had a lot of work to do ! We made vehicle dynos for France, Finland, but also China! We have also manufactured agricultural test benches and karting engine dynos !   Rotronics, it's a large range of products designed for racing, ECU mapping, teaching schools but also industrial world ! Each customer has its own requests ! Feel free to tell us what you have in mind and let's discuss about that !   Feel free to contact us by email : or phone : +33 4 50 03 08 59.


New dyno HUBSCANV2 released !

Based on best seller HUBSCAN EC sold since 2015 , we have improved and boosted our HUB DYNO with 2 new versions offered : HUBSCAN V2 and HUBSCAN V2 PLUS       Optimized mech. design > Removable caster arms for easy pallet shipping > Ajustable feet according to the vehicle tested We have also optimized the air flow to boost the max admissible power !           Optimized flange design - Capability to use the original screws or studs of the vehicle - 3,4,5 and 6 holes flange design. central locking flange design on demand. - Easy to mount + high versatility to be able to test any vehicle on the market   New electronic power unit  400V-3P with +50% current compare to Hubscan V1 + more than 1000ch for HUBSCAN V2 + more than 1500ch for HUBSCAN V2PLUS  (bigger brakes) Get ready to test any supercar !         New power cabinet it hosts electronic control units, computer and dyno accessories. Available options :   IMP-A including lambda measurement, OBD acquisition and weather station IMP-F for dual lambda measurement or additional inputs (voltage & temp) CANbus acquisition Open software Kronos Full         New software features > Full OBD acquisition > new GUI > Compatibility with latest windows versions         Compare to most of its ...


Best wishes from Rotronics for the upcoming year

Please find our best wishes for 2020!         May this year bring you joy and success in your professionnal as well as your private life.             Year has been very busy on our side with a lot of miscellaneous projects realized ! Industrial projects, karting dynos, chassis and hub dynos, flowbench,...   Find some of these for example :       We thank you for your trust and we wish you all the best for this new year ! Company will close on the 24th 12:00. Opening on the 2nd of January.


Rotronics at PMW2019 at Köln in Germany

We are this week at Koln for competition fair : PMW2019               Fair is from today to Friday the 15th of November at Köln, inside the KolnMesse. We are present on the booth n°3070.   To discover this year at our booth: our chassis dyno AUTOSCAN, and the new one EASYSCAN. our hub dyno Hubscan : please come and discover a real pod in our stand ! engine test bench flowbench Please remind our special offer dedicated to chassis dyno Autoscan especially designed for racing : 400km/h, rigid strapping, extended data acquisition, usw. We speak English, German, and of course French : feel free to come and meet us ! The fair is open from 10 AM to 5 PM from Wednesday to Friday !