Discover Vcharger : a mobile charging station for electric vehicles

Even today, recharging an electric vehicle can be problematic in some areas. This is because charging stations are not necessarily located where the test campaign is taking place, or do not offer the required power.

To meet these challenges and offer even greater flexibility, Rotronics has designed a new Vcharger.

It’s an electric charging station integrated into a trailer, enabling you to recharge your electric vehicle wherever you are.

Connected to a power source, it enables electric vehicles to be charged autonomously in any location. This makes it possible, for example, to recharge in hot environments, during extreme cold campaigns or during altimeter tests.

Available for sale or hire, the Vcharger offers the following charging stations:

  • 1* 240 kW DC
  • 2*120 kW DC
  • 6*22 kW AC 


Of course, the Vcharger can also be used with our mobile chassis dynamometers (VRoad and VRacing) to provide even greater flexibility for your test campaigns.