Electric vehicle test bed :

A specific environment

To test the complete vehicle, electric motors have changed many things. For the most part without a gearbox and with a torque available from zero speed, the chassis dynamometer or the hub dynamometer must be able to withstand these strong constraints.

For example, +10000N force could be applied on some electric supercars !
It’s much more than the usual sport cars !

The needs of a vehicle test are also very different from one project to another that is why we have a standardized offer as well as project answers based on your specifications.

In particular, the loading machine (s) can be adjusted to provide more or less torque and more or less power.

Road load simulation with charge / discharge

DC / DC battery simulation

High insulation Gantner modules

Customized solutions and products in electric vehicle test bed

Chassis dynamometer

18, 24, 48 and 78 inches
Car, truck, tractor and 2-wheeler

Hub dyno

Up to 4000 Nm per wheel, more on request
NVH, Climate and autonomous driving


Real time software solution
1 kHz

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