Mobile electric vehicle charger

A solution to load everywhere electric vehicle

Rotronics offers its V-Charger mobile charger for rent and sale. Originally designed to accompany the mobile chasssi dynamometer V-Road, they offer the possibility to charge your electric vehicle at any location.

The chargers are integrated into a trailer, movable with a conventional vehicle: this offers a real flexibility for the realization of your altimetric tests, great cold, or simply in an area not provided with a charger of electric vehicle with the desired characteristics.


Charger is integrated into a trailer, meaning movable everywhere. Connected to a power source, the device will allow to charge any electric vehicle.

High performance loader

Solution offers the following capacity :

  • One charging point, up to 240 kW DC
  • Two charging points, up to 120 kW DC
  • 6 charging points 22 kW AC

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