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Engine test bench

For over 20 years, Rotronics has designed and manufactured engine test benches for industry, competition and technical education. The company’s expertise in the fields of electronics, Asynchronous Machinemechanics and software are part of its comprehensive approach to projects: from design and fabrication to installation and commissioning. From the outset, the company has always drawn upon technical innovation to meet the expectations of its customers, and today it offers effective and unparalleled solutions in many areas of expertise.

Within a few years Rotronics gained experience in the field of integrating any machine load applied the engine test bench. Today Rotronics offers clients its specialist expertise in order to supply the equipment best adapted to their specific needs and budget. Depending on the individual needs and constraints, Rotronics will select and integrate the right elements to create a turnkey engine test bench according to the customer’s specifications.

According to the requirements of the specifications, we can incorporate the following load machines:

  • Eddy current brake up to 1 MW
  • Hydraulic brake up to 5 MW
  • Asynchronous machine,
  • Tandem machine (brake + asynchronous machine)

These load units, supplied with their control system, can be mounted on an anti-vibration chassis, together with any motor trucks and quick-connection plates for fluid management.

These technical features can be accompanied by variety of fluid conditioning devices (engine coolant, engine oil, air intake, fuel ..)

Data Acqusition

Finally, the test cell unit can be equipped with a modular acquisition system mounted on a support bracket and adapted to the customer’s specifications, in terms of performance, type and number of channels.

According to customer needs, these basic elements can be accompanied by specific Rotronics test bench products:

  • Fuel consumption measuring system,
  • Electric throttle control,
  • Richness or pollutant measurement system

The entire test bench will be controlled by our engine test bench management software: KRONOS, a flexible and fully configurable tool adaptable to all your needs in the engine test bench field.