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Best wishes from Rotronics for the upcoming year

Please find our best wishes for 2020!         May this year bring you joy and success in your professionnal as well as your private life.             Year has been very busy on our side with a lot of miscellaneous projects realized ! Industrial projects, karting dynos, chassis and hub dynos, flowbench,...   Find some of these for example :       We thank you for your trust and we wish you all the best for this new year ! Company will close on the 24th 12:00. Opening on the 2nd of January.


Rotronics at PMW2019 at Köln in Germany

We are this week at Koln for competition fair : PMW2019               Fair is from today to Friday the 15th of November at Köln, inside the KolnMesse. We are present on the booth n°3070.   To discover this year at our booth: our chassis dyno AUTOSCAN, and the new one EASYSCAN. our hub dyno Hubscan : please come and discover a real pod in our stand ! engine test bench flowbench Please remind our special offer dedicated to chassis dyno Autoscan especially designed for racing : 400km/h, rigid strapping, extended data acquisition, usw. We speak English, German, and of course French : feel free to come and meet us ! The fair is open from 10 AM to 5 PM from Wednesday to Friday !



Rotronics Testing solutions was present at TESTING EXPO CHINA 2019. Autonomous driving was the 2019 hot topic. We want to thank all visitors on our booth IAE/ROTRONICS for the interesting discussions we had. HUBDYNO LIVE DEMO They enjoyed the Hubdyno & Simulation Live demo. All the OEM are pushing their R&D to pass the differents steps of autonomous driving. That is the reason why ROTRONICS TS & IAE are proud to offer a complete package with dyno & simulation software to boost this kind of development. You can simulate real cases with high level of repetitivity, partial or total failure of sensors. After any modification of your autonomous driver you can apply the exact same conditions to make sure that the new version is 100% efficient. Rotronics TS is your solution for component, engine & vehicle testing. Thanks to an existing range of products and also an efficient design dept (CAD, MEF, Software & electronics) we can answer to most of your testing equipments needs. Our HUBSCAN hubdyno solution is the must for NVH, climatic or performances testing, moreover it is compatible with any simulation tools from the market by Ethercat allowing accurate control of each wheel independantly. Do not hesitate to call our HQ or representatives around the world. #autonomousdriving #hubdyno #EV #Emotor #simulation


GUMBALL 3000 & POG meet AUTOSCAN at 374kph

POG You should know POG , promoting GUMBALL and supercars on social Network. Recently, he dynoed one of his supercar on our Premium dyno AUTOSCAN in Belgium. Thanks to ULTIMATE ENGINEERING for this wild video ! Clic pour vidéo GUMBALL spirit was there to say the least ! Ferrari 812 superfast of POG reached 374kph on our AUTOSCAN. AUTOSCAN Our state of the art dyno show another time its PREMIUM features on the market. large diameter single roller is making a huge difference at this level of power & speed (compare to 450 or 300mm competitors). Of course the dyno is still taking car of synchronisation at this high speed ! (ask MAHA or others brands their max limit ....) Its biggers brakes and an available 3 brakes setup allow to pass power up to 2000HP. You can also notice the unique ultra low ground clearance concept  (<2cm !) to pass all supercars or track cars without removing front wings or rear extractor. The secret is that the tyre is operating under same conditions than the road (reasonable temperature)) ce decreasing drastically the risk to damage or blow a tyre during repetitive or high power runs. Be aware that the standards dyno are sold up to 300kph. An option allow to push this limit to 400kph. FASTEN Of course, this kind of run requires a very strict fixture system of the cars. For information, we'll sell end of 2019 a new & innovative fixture sytems named FASTEN. Quick & Safe > impossible to loose the car. No need to go below the cars Stop burning belt with the PORSCHE No risk to damage wheel sensors as ABS. Hybrid fixture possible (in case car is not featuring towing hook) possible for sure AFTER the dyno installation. WHAT'S NEXT ? A car is helping us to imagine the future ..... 500km/h We greet the ...


Rotronics renovates an engine test bench Superflow at Alvis!

Today, we are on the way to Great Britain to upgrade Superflow dynos ! It's at Conventry in England that Alvis Car and engineering have made(and still produce) some vehicules from 1919.  Its a Luxury brand, dedicated to classic vehicules and always with the same level of quality. When we say that they do everything from A to Z,  it's a euphemism! It smells the passion and they need a lof of skills to manage to make the frame,tolerie, saddlery, old car but that we can use everyday!           Faithful to their original design with as much character as the former ones, new vehicles fit with the new pollution standard. It is in that environment that we renovate their Superflow engine test bench.       Alvis produces his vehicle the same way as in the beginning : a 4.3L 6 cylinders with 6 speeds gearbox. We are going to realize a renovation SUPERFLOW it means: New electronic, new hydraulic valve and new software on a engine test bench Superflow We will also renovate their SUNRAM roller test bench. As a reminder  Rotronics is a engine bench and roller test bench manufacturer since 1991. Coming from the competition, the company designs, manufactures and calibrates every single bench.   As well as new products, we can work on chassis dyno coming from our competitors: Soft Engine, Superflow, Maha, MI-System, Dimsport, usw... So we can manage obsolescence of your benches or repair it in case of failure (to prevent a new investment) Feel free ...