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First Record for Hubscan : power measurement directly connected to the hub

First record for the Hubscan of Rotronics ! With a Nissan Silvia, congratulations to Digital Prog, french customer, for the best curve on this new generation of dyno. 540 Hp and a torque of 640 Nm measured on our dyno.   Nowadays, Hubscan is the new solution to measure torque and power for any vehicle : no more pit to realize, no more slipping on the chassis dyno and mobile.   Hubscan : a dyno, directly connected to the hub.   Use of the hubscan is very simple : you have to lift the vehicle up, remove the wheel, connect our dyno through the adaptative connector and lift the vehicle down.   The vehicle stays still on the pods, whatever is the speed or the acceleration. The bench is capable to support the weight of the vehicle. As a consequence, no more strapping. You earn time to realize the tune of your engine!   Once the vehicle installed, you can use the dyno in the same way you use a chassis dyno.   In fact, benefits are the same : we can measure torque, power as well as other parameters like voltage on a vehicle or a temperature. As a manufacturer of the dyno, we can adapt the test bench to your need.   Finally, we have the same kind of working as the chassis dyno : we have road load simulation and power loss acquisition (for vehicles capable to) : we can, from a wheel force measurement, calculate the power of the engine.   Because the dyno is versatile, it's suitable for mass produced vehicles, as well as exceptionnal motor cars like dragster or other.       Take a look at our facebook for more pictures.



Rotronics is developping abroad! To support the development of our strategy and to be present in every garage in UK, we look for a dyno dealer!   You are based in UK, you know the market of the chassis dyno, you want to be part of the history of Rotronics, contact us : / +33 6 07 70 75 73   You want to be a dealer for an other country than UK, don't hesitate to contact us anyway!



GOODWOOD REVIVAL FESTIVAL Who will win the weekend at Goodwood Revival 2017 ? You decide !  Vote until Thursday August 24th by Facebook or email We stand by you to share ! ! July session is ending the 2017 ROTRONICS contest , We want to thank you for your numerous & valuable contributions. FEB :  LOHEN UK & BORDEAUX PIECES RACING APRIL : BIESSE RACING & DIGISERVICES CROISSY JULY  : ULTIMATE ENGINEERING in Belgium & DGM (Dijon Gestion Moteur). They won a banner for their dyno room and are qualified for the final phase. Ultimate engineering sent us this nice picture that is highlighting both car & Autoscan dyno. DGM shows another time their skills to tune classic & modern cars with this F40 in good shape with almost 500HP. To vote & elect the best picture and the best 2017 power curve : Send your choices on facebook or by email to PHOTO : LOHEN:1/BIESSE:2/ULTIMATE:3    Power Curve  BPR:1 / DIGISERVICES:2 / DGM :3    Gentlemen start your keyboard and share ! The 2 winners will be deliver on Friday.



Book your weekend of September 8th to 10th ! Rotronics invites you to GOODWOOD FESTIVAL!   We are now at the final phase of the AUTOSCAN contest. The two first challengers were LOHEN and BORDEAUX PIECES RACING. For the second phase, the two winners are : BIESSE RACING et DIGISERVICES CROISSY winning banners (2m*0,6m) and qualifying for the final to win the week end at Goodwood. Only few days before the end of the contest You didn’t succeed this time : don’t worry. The third phase is still running : End of game on the 28th of July ! To win : two weekend at Goodwood Festival! One for the best picture of a vehicle on one of our dyno The other one for the best power Curve Do not miss this unbelievable event, stronger sensations compare to modern races ! 1) Best picture on Autoscan Biesse Racing with this healthy  ferrari ! Others nice snapshots from Biesse Racing :    2) Best power curves on Autoscan DIGISERVICES CROISSY with this nice tuning report of a NISSAN GTR. Hurry up to submit your photo, video & mkr file at with AUTOSCAN 2017 contest as a subject Good luck  ! IMPORTANT : You’re authorizing ROTRONICS to publish all documents sent.



AUTOSCAN Dyno power measurement It is amazing how AUTOSCAN prooved another time its extreme versatility to pass all vehicles ! Take care because French police is also taking advantages of remaping ;-) We like to see this blue car on our dyno not on the road ;-) Classic, F1   Tesla, Hybrid vehicle   Motorbike, SSV, ATV   Supercars & even Le mans series nothing is impossible!   The long wheelbase of the X4+ is totally matching with the german cars range : 2,1m to 3,3m. the Front brake option allows to increase the max power that the dyno can handle as well as passing the strong FWD car without traction issue : With Our single roller technology as well as synchronized front & rear , Ford Focus & Megane RS is not a problem with the AUTOSCAN. Do no hesitate to contact us for your chassis or engine dyno. #dyno #tuning #ecu #remaping