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Rotronics renovates an engine test bench Superflow at Alvis!

Today, we are on the way to Great Britain to upgrade Superflow dynos ! It's at Conventry in England that Alvis Car and engineering have made(and still produce) some vehicules from 1919.  Its a Luxury brand, dedicated to classic vehicules and always with the same level of quality. When we say that they do everything from A to Z,  it's a euphemism! It smells the passion and they need a lof of skills to manage to make the frame,tolerie, saddlery, old car but that we can use everyday!           Faithful to their original design with as much character as the former ones, new vehicles fit with the new pollution standard. It is in that environment that we renovate their Superflow engine test bench.       Alvis produces his vehicle the same way as in the beginning : a 4.3L 6 cylinders with 6 speeds gearbox. We are going to realize a renovation SUPERFLOW it means: New electronic, new hydraulic valve and new software on a engine test bench Superflow We will also renovate their SUNRAM roller test bench. As a reminder  Rotronics is a engine bench and roller test bench manufacturer since 1991. Coming from the competition, the company designs, manufactures and calibrates every single bench.   As well as new products, we can work on chassis dyno coming from our competitors: Soft Engine, Superflow, Maha, MI-System, Dimsport, usw... So we can manage obsolescence of your benches or repair it in case of failure (to prevent a new investment) Feel free ...



  LAZARETH LM847 AT ROTRONICS !! An exceptional vehicle (less than 10 in the world),  the Lazareth LM847 runs on a Rotronics Chassis Dyno !!! A motorbike of 470 horse power and 490 Nm of torque powered by a v8 Maserati on AutoScan!   Imagine a motorbike with a V8 ! The Lazareth LM847 is a motorbike pendulum with 4 wheels. This bike is capable to tilt with its specific kinematic including independent swinging arms. The Dyno is located in Haute Savoie at Digital Prog in Rumilly.   It is an Autoscan X4+ 2 breaks compatible with motorbikes (even the most craziest one!)         Braking is provided by two 8 piston calipers, on 420mm diameter perimeter discs. One detail, the brake levers are reversed to improve ergonomy and feeling while braking. The mechanism is inside the handlebar itself.     Due to the fact that this bike is having a unique gear, the power is transmitted via a torque converter. acceleration are stratospheric with an incredible 0 to 100mph . The two rear oscillating arms are articulated around the primary transmission axles to allow both chains to transmit the power under a constant stress.     the bike features 1850 mm wheelbase and four 17 inches wheels. As a result, it is giving a good stability feeling from the first kilometer. Thus, this is mandatory to use the amazing 490 Nm engine torque. To dyno it , ...


Rotronics Testing Solutions at Testing Expo at Stuttgart

  Rotronics will be in Germany at Stuttgart at Automotive Testing Expo from the 21st to the 23rd of May 2019 ! Above all, Automotive Testing Expo, it's the world's leading trade faire for automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering.   Our complete team willl be pleased to welcome you on our booth n°1456 : an excellent occasion for us to show you our skills and our return of experience on industrial testing applications.    First of all, to reinforce our capability to give you the best of us and to offer you the answer to your needs, we have created a new service inside our company : Rotronics Testing Solutions is the part of the company dedicated to tailor made applications.     Realized by Rotronics Testing Solutions, find some examples of our last projects :     During the fair, we will display our hub dyno Hubscan in a 2WD version. The bench will be mounted on electric Renault Twizy.     Please come and test yourself the dyno and its software solution For example, you will find our latest innovations such as driving cycle (for certification for example) or real time software solutions.   We will be on booth n°1456 : ...


Rotronics wishes you a nice end of year

Our team presents its best wishes for the new year.  This year has been pretty busy on our side ! We have delivered this year more than 30 test benches to our customers : some industrial projects, some chassis dynos or hub dynos, karting test benches and a few flowbench !   Wishing you all a lovely holiday season, time to be with your family and friends. Of course, we wish you luck and all the best in the new year! Best wishes 2019   Company will close on the 21st at 12:00. Opening on the 2nd of January.



AUTOSCAN DYNO Today we want to share with you a funny timelapse video produced by one of our german customers on an AUTOSCAN dyno. BMW compilation ! 11 hours summarized in 2'40 for an amazing 6450HP !!! This customer is well known for mad dyno days that have been done since we delivered the dyno. they reached already 378kph with an aventador thanks to the 400km/H option. AUTOSCAN is more than ever the most versatile dyno capable to pass light cars (NORMA <600kg) up to the wildest & powerful ones (GTR >1500CH). Compared to our competitors, our synchronisation FRONT/REAR is effective up to the max speed (300kph as standard or 400kph with special version. 2 ou 3 strong eddy current brakes allow to pass the car respecting the natural behavior of the ECU (Power curves under road load simulation since 2000). There are also plenty of details that giev you an easy time in your daily actions. > auxillary rollers for easy car installation > straps and plate included > powerful and evolutive software for all your development needs. > Lambda, OBD & weather station in basic version for efficient & accurate tuning procedures