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GUMBALL 3000 & POG meet AUTOSCAN at 374kph

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POG You should know POG , promoting GUMBALL and supercars on social Network. Recently, he dynoed one of his supercar on our Premium dyno AUTOSCAN in Belgium. Thanks to ULTIMATE ENGINEERING for this wild video ! Clic pour vidéo GUMBALL spirit was there to say the least ! Ferrari 812 superfast of POG reached 374kph on our AUTOSCAN. AUTOSCAN Our state of the art dyno show another time its PREMIUM features on the market. large diameter single roller is making a huge difference at this level of power & speed (compare to 450 or 300mm competitors). Of course the dyno is still taking car of synchronisation at this high speed ! (ask MAHA or others brands their max limit ....) Its biggers brakes and an available 3 brakes setup allow to pass power up to 2000HP. You can also notice the unique ultra low ground clearance concept  (<2cm !) to pass all supercars or track cars without removing front wings or rear extractor. The secret is that the tyre is operating under same conditions than the road (reasonable temperature)) ce decreasing drastically the risk to damage or blow a tyre during repetitive or high power runs. Be aware that the standards dyno are sold up to 300kph. An option allow to push this limit to 400kph. FASTEN Of course, this kind of run requires a very strict fixture system of the cars. For information, we'll sell end of 2019 a new & innovative fixture sytems named FASTEN. Quick & Safe > impossible to loose the car. No need to go below the cars Stop burning belt with the PORSCHE No risk to damage wheel sensors as ABS. Hybrid fixture possible (in case car is not featuring towing hook) possible for sure AFTER the dyno installation. WHAT'S NEXT ? A car is helping us to imagine the future ..... 500km/h We greet the ...



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HUBSCAN 2WD  , HUB DYNO tests today a new race vehicle : VORTEX V8 Powered by a V8 6.3l, Hubscan prooved another time his high versatility to pass heavy or light race cars  . Power curves will remain hidden but you can trust us, this baby is breathing ;-) Tuning test on HUBSCAN HUB DYNO vehicle during the 24h of Dubai We wish thm the best for the coming races.  Hubscan 2WD can be ordered 4WD or could be upgrade later to test SUBARU, electronic transmission, etc. Right now the max power is 700hp. But related to the load we recorded we're thinking that the dyno can pass +1000HP in perfect conditions. Above this power, curves are still possible but time is shorter so with a minimum lack of repetitivity. Rotronics expands his range of products with this hub dyno to adress all your R&D and tuning needs. Feddback of experience from world known customer like ORECA as well as our industrial realizations allow us to design innovative and powerful solution in accordance with your budget. That is the reason why our software solutions are in the mean time easy to operate (only couple hours of training) but also offering expert features. Do not hesitate to contact us for your requests on hub dyno , power dyno, engine dyno ... Coming soon  : after SPA & MAGNY COURS , HUBSCAN participated to the Pikes peak race !



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AUTOSCAN 2017 CONTEST PHOTO & CURVES         Rotronics is happy to award the 2 first winners of the 2017 photo & power curve contest . 1) Greatest picture of a vehicle on an AUTOSCAN An unanimous jury verdict has award the VW Combi of LOHEN, UK. 2) Greatest power curve on AUTOSCAN The winner is BORDEAUX PIECES RACING with a GTR reaching the 1150HP !! This closes the first phase of the contest. Thank your for all your submission. Pictures & curves were numerous & excellents. LOHEN & BPR win some prizes and are qualified for the final phase. They will be both  in a coming newletter to introduce their activities. The 2 winners of the final phase that will start in JUly will win a week end at the famous GOODWOOD Revival Festival in sept 2017 (takeoff from genève or paris) The 2nd phase start now with deadline to submit at the end of April. thank you to submit your photo, video & mkr file at with AUTOSCAN 2017 contest as a subject Good luck  ! IMPORTANT : You're authorizing ROTRONICS to publish all documents sent.