Dynosens has just received a distribution bench from our partner DSI (Delta Systems Industriels), a renowned test center in Belgium. This bench allows rapid measurement of torque and valve lift at resolutions less than 0.5 °.
An optimized design of the asynchronous machine frame allows easy alignment of the cylinder head in compliance with specifications (flat or inclined). Thanks to the KRONOS control software which is capable of simultaneously managing angular and temporal data, the assembly can be scanned operating conditions such as oil temperature or engine speed.
Of course, you can add your own sensors to the files.


KRONOS REVOLUTION conditions the raw frequency signal of the online torque meter for more precision and dynamics. It also acquires the laser signal allowing it to be traced back to the displacement of the valves.

KRONOS REVOLUTION can be equipped with a combustion analysis option for complete engine applications

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this innovative bench !!