L Autonomous driving is the hot topic of 2020 in China but also in the European and North American markets.Thanks to its network, Rotronics Testing solutions is present at TESTING EXPO CHINA 2020 despite the COVID to present all these solutions to you.

E n these complicated times, the power of R&D makes it possible to make the difference with your competitors. The HUBDYNO solution developed by Rotronics TS since 2014 helps you meet the challenges of current vehicle developments.


L he first day is already a success with many visitors to our ROTRONICS / IAE stand.



L he hub bench is the ideal solution for all your ADAS & POWERTRAIN developments, whatever the type of engine. The integrated system installs very quickly. The complete assembly of the vehicle on 4 wheels requires less than 10 min. The fact of no longer having the tire allows an incomparable level of torque measurement precision.

L These machines can be adapted to your micro car needs from a few KW up to 1000KW drive and + 4000N.m / wheel applications.

  • No civil engineering
  • quick installation of the vehicle> No strapping
  • Synchronous control (traditional dynamometer mode)
  • Separate 4-wheel speed control
  • upgrade possible 2WD> 4WD
  • High speed interface with simulation tool
  • wide range to cover vehicles from Citycar to larger sedans.

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Autonomous driving

T All manufacturers are pushing their R&D to validate the different stages of autonomous driving. This is the reason why ROTRONICS TS & IAE are proud to offer you a complete solution.
Indeed, this combines machines and simulation software to help you boost your developments.

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You can therefore simulate real cases with a very high level of repeatability, test partial or total losses of sensors. Thus, after each modification of your autonomous driving algorithm, you can be sure that you have applied the same experimental conditions as the new version is 100% effective and safe.

Rotronics TS is your solution for your component, engine and vehicle developments.

Thanks to a wide range of products and also efficient design offices (mechanics, software and electronics) we can meet most of your test bench requests.

Our HUBSCAN hub bench is the perfect solution for your NVH, climate or performance testing.
Furthermore, it is compatible with most simulation tools on the market by Ethercat link to allow, among other things, a fast and precise control of each wheel independently.

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